Application Form

Applications are now open until June 16, 2022. Eligibility criteria and application links below:

For Individuals:

Individuals seeking funding for Mental and Emotional support

Eligible applicants:

  • If you have worked for two or more years and are currently or recently employed in the country music industry.

And can demonstrate the following:

  • You have a sudden and unforeseen emergency situation that has caused financial hardship
  • You are experiencing a temporary financial hardship and unable to pay for these services.


For Organizations:

I. Organizations supporting the mental and emotional health of members of the country music industry by providing direct services

Eligible applicants:

  • 501©3 organizations providing direct mental health support for people working within the country music industry.

II. Music Therapy Programs for mental or physical health related causes

Eligible applicants:

  • 501©3 organizations providing:
    • Music therapy or programs facilitating healing through music
    • Purchase or repair of musical instruments (as it relates to therapeutic programs)
    • Purchase or repairs of music-related equipment (equipment includes, but is not limited to, computers, software and recording equipment) (as it relates to therapeutic programs)


Contact us at [email protected] if needed. We will send notification of grant decisions on or before August 16, 2022 (no decision inquiries, please).

If your organization prefers to mail in your application, use the downloadable copy here and send to the below address for arrival before the June 16, 2022 deadline:

ACM Lifting Lives
P.O. Box 682509
Franklin, TN 37068

Notwithstanding the forgoing, the ACM Lifting Lives Grant Committee shall make final determinations in the interest of perpetuating the mission of ACM Lifting Lives. The ACM Lifting Lives Board of Directors reviews organization grant applications once a year. 

  • Each organization may send only one (1) funding application for one (1) program to be funded through ACM Lifting Lives in any given year. Only IRS tax exempt 501(c)(3) entities are eligible for funding through our grant cycle. 
  • A fully completed grant application must be received by ACM Lifting Lives on or before June 16, 2022 to be considered for funding. Facsimile copies, incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  • Grant amounts generally range from $5,000 to $10,000.
  • Grantees must formally credit ACM Lifting Lives in all published materials, announcements and websites.
  • Grantees will be expected to share a final report on results, importance and impact of the program and how the ACM Lifting Lives grant was utilized upon completion of the program or within one year from receiving the funds. Reports can be submitted electronically to the ACM Lifting Lives team.

ACM Lifting Lives® reserves the right to forego awarding grants in any given year without notification.

ACM Lifting Lives Grants Do NOT Fund:

  • Fundraisers or endowments
  • Organizations not based in the United States
  • Purchase of collections
  • Documentaries
  • Recording projects, demo tapes or performance events for commercial purposes
  • Proposals for commercial purposes (such as CD reissues or textbook/A/V package)
  • Competitions or any expense associated with competitions
  • Marketing, publicity or design costs
  • Capital Campaigns