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What is "ACM Lifting LivesŪ?"

ACM Lifting Lives is the charitable arm of the Academy of Country Music. Our mission is improving lives through the power of music.

What is the relationship between the Academy of Country Music and ACM Lifting LivesŪ?

The Academy of Country Music is committed to uplifting fans, artists, and the community through world-class television showcasing country music. Because the Academy of Country Music has determined that giving-back is a top priority, the ACM generously endows ACM Lifting LivesŪ through the annual ACM Awards and other country music television specials. There is representation from the ACM board on the ACM Lifting Lives board, and staff for ACM Lifting Lives is employed by the Academy of Country Music.

What good works does ACM Lifting Lives fund?

Our founders intentionally drafted a mission statement to embrace a wide range of causes that help people through music. Through our grant cycle, we fund music education and music therapy programs across the United States. We also work with country music artists to bring attention to their personal foundations or favorite causes. We provided disaster relief to Hurricane Katrina victims and people in Middle Tennessee who lost their homes or belongings during the flooding in 2010. In addition, through our Diane Holcomb Emergency Relief fund, we provide emergency relief to people in the country music industry who face a sudden financial or medical emergency. Each year at the ACM Awards, we showcase a charity through an artistic performance in order to raise awareness and funding through donations and download revenues. We are humbled by the opportunity to help people through music in a variety of ways. Below is a list of recent disbursements and partnerships.

Who can I contact about your grant cycle?

Email us at: hannah@acmcountry.com

What is the Diane Holcomb Emergency Relief Fund (DHERF)?

This fund enables ACM Lifting LivesŪ to respond quickly to unforeseen, immediate financial needs of ACM members, staff, and music related organizations and individuals. Funds are disbursed at the discretion of the ACM Lifting Lives Board and Grant Committee. The fund's resources cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality. The fund was established to honor Diane Holcomb's memory by her only daughter, Gayle Holcomb, who served four years as Chairman of the Board of the Academy of Country Music. Gayle has also served as Chairman of ACM Lifting LivesŪ and has been involved with ACM charitable endeavors for decades.

How can I donate to ACM Lifting LivesŪ?

Donations can be made at donation page. We also offer VIP packages to our annual ACM Awards, which raise money for our Diane Holcomb Emergency Relief fund. Find out more by contacting hannah@acmcountry.com.

Who are your grant recipients?

View our grant recipients HERE