Fast Facts

Historic Facts:

  • ACM Lifting Lives® has a long history of giving back to individuals, organizations, and programs that prioritize physical and mental health.
  • The Academy of Country Music and ACM Lifting Lives® have a 50-year history of charitable giving.
  • ACM Lifting Lives® has funded national music therapy programs serving mental and physical health organizations. Recipients have included patients at children’s hospitals, recovering veterans, people with Williams syndrome, and individuals suffering with mental illness.
  • Since 2006, ACM Lifting Lives® has given over $10 million to more than 150 worthy causes.
  • The ACM Lifting Lives COVID-19 Response Fund distributed $3.8 million to members of the Country Music Community who lost work during the pandemic.
  • ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp has hosted over 150 campers with Williams Syndrome. 
  • ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp research has generated over 40 scientific publications about the connection between music and Williams Syndrome.